• Marketing Knowledge Makes Kevin C. Gleaton One of the Best

  • Posted on February 17, 2021
  • Kevin C. Gleaton

    In that rare instance when he has time outside of work, Kevin Gleaton likes to enjoy experiences that push he personal limitations. What that means is, he likes to travel to remote locations, where he likes to meet and engage a diverse variety of people and experience many diverse cultures. He also like t engage in extreme sports, especially those that require a fearless spirit and a distinct adrenaline rush in order to participate.

    If Kevin C. Gleaton was to list the attributes that contribute most to his successful career as a marketing specialist, he would undoubtedly include his active imagination, his unbounded creativity and his unlimited drive. However, most of his clients would also note his impressive written and verbal communications skills, as well as his leadership ability, which is even estimable in an industry like marketing, which is full of uncertainty due to the constant change that occurs. They would also point to his proven-effective problem-solving skills and his ability to lead teams of clients and their employees across many locations. Few would ever argue that he doesn’t understand internet and social media, as well as the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) as a focal point of any digital marketing strategy.

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